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Bootless Star


A complex shell environment that allows specific modules to execute and automatically perform various tasks with minimal code and minimal user interactions. Included within Bootless Star, includes a Doom Builder 2 compiler, which compiles the Doom Builder 2 source code into an executable state, and the DeLorean which is designed to back up the users personal files to an 7zip archive file. The DeLorean is more inspired by the Back to the Future movies.



This documentation is based on Bootless Star version 1.5 (Codenamed Aditi)

Table of Contents
*   What is the purpose of this program (Bootless Star)
*   Bootless Star Early Beta’s (History Stance) and Now
*   Developing New Project Modules for Bootless Star
*   License and General Permissions

What is the purpose of this program?
Bootless Star hosts an environment for external modules to take complete advantage of utilizing while offering complete broadness in flexibility.  The term ‘environment’ meaning in this case: typical settings, programs and software that is available on the host system, and user customizations.  In addition, the Bootless Star program does _NOT_, by any means, runs any operations besides generating and managing the environment.  Thus meaning, in order to perform any operations, there must be scripts designed to work within Bootless Star’s environment.

Bootless Star; Early Beta’s (History Stance) and Now
Bootless Star’s previous focus during the beta versions (since Beta 1 through Beta 7.x), was to only compile Doom Builder 2 and later – Doom Builder 64 and GZDoom Builder.  Originally, the code base was never supposed to escalate any-further and was considered to stay locked with no further improvements.  Though, after working on several other Batch shell programs: HotCompiler (the first ZIP\7z compiler for the TGRDM3 project), and the DeLorean (a user and system backup program), it became a chore to implement fixes and patches across all three programs.  The vision for Beta 8 was to change the fundamental aspects of Bootless Star and its focus from being hard-coded and limited to being – boundless and open.  With version 1.00 (released: 04 July. 2013), this allowed easier maintenance within the programs and made development easier – which allowed more features and further stability.

Developing New Project Modules for Bootless Star
This section is not to help teach those that want to create programs within the Batch shell that works with Bootless Star, but instead – help give out some useful links:
Bootless Star’s hosted environment variables: See ‘Variables.txt’ within the documents.
Programming within the Windows Batch Shell: See ‘HowToScriptBatchShell.txt’ within the documents.

License and General Permissions
See ‘Legal.txt’ within the documents.


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