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Hallo, my name is Nicholas Gautier, and this is my site. If in-case you are finding a project or works that I have released, please check out my Portfolio. But, also check out the Arcade. The Arcade houses games that can be played on supported browsers - though plug-ins might be necessary. In addition, I hope everyone enjoys this new website. This new design is cleaner and brings responsiveness in full focus, which the older design was fixated with no possible newer integration. To keep this design running efficiently for future uses, I will try to supply small touch-ups and fixes whenever possible.

Gaming Interests

Computers and technology is what grabs my attention. But what really made the world stop for me, is video games. I have played games ever since I was a child – starting with the classical Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Back in South Dakota 1994, I remember sneaking into the living room late at night when my parents were a sleep in their room, turning on the TV and immediately making sure that the volume was turned down, changed the channel to 3 and started playing Super Mario All-Stars. In addition, I started making my own video game maps using SkullTag, a Doom source port variant. From there, I realized that I wanted to make video games and be part of the gaming developments.

Software Design

I had my first taste of programming back in 2011 when I designed my very own backup program. Despite being relatively new to software development and understanding very little of the logic within, I was able to accomplish on creating a very primitive design. Throughout the years, my skills have continued to sharpen as I work with University projects, personal projects, and commercialized projects. Such works not only requires evolution of the core functionality of the software itself, but also maintenance with very low costs.

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