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Blakestone is a very simple website template design that requires basic HTML and CSS for the base template design. The original intention of this template design was to provide a mere basic website flow, aesthetics of the website remaining simple. This was my first website design for personal use, but continues to be a learning experience for later developments in web design. This template, unfortunately, is not mobile friendly in today's expectations. Additionally, if using this template, HTML and CSS knowledge is required. This template only provides 'index.html' with the basic design flow, all other pages and modified content must be created by the developer. However, for simple uses, anyone is free to try this template.



Author: Nicholas Gautier
Contact: SibTiger_And_Life@Hotmail.com
Website: tiger.rfc1337.net
Template Name: Blakestone
Template Created: 7.August.2015
Template Key-Features:
                        Simple to maintain and modify
License: You are free to use this template as any means necessary and quickly start making your own website.  However, as a creator, I don't want this template to be used for the wrong reasons.  Despite I can not enforce this license, I trust you (the site owner) to use this template properly and make some awesome stuff with it.
    Please follow these guidelines:
        * This template is a 'As Is' means of usage.
        * You may NOT claim authorship of this template.
        * You may NOT sell this template nor any content or data within or dependent on this template.
        * You may NOT use this template for malicious behavior that could potentially harm the user(s) in any way nor damage the user(s) computer (including - but limited to - hardware, software, and user data).
        * You MUST include the template and originated author's name if this template is used.
        * You are FREE (never restricted) to customize this template any way you see fit.
        * This template can be used for commercial businesses with no additional restrictions applied.

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