Minion Math Mayhem


Minion Math Mayhem is a game dedicated to helping students to learn the fundamentals of certain math formulas, such as the Quadratic Formula. This research was set out to follow specific goals: educate the end-user, assure that the game adapts to the end-user's skills, and to assure that the game is not dull or boring - keep the end-user fully engaged. This project was developed and designed by a small yet dedicated team: Dr. Usef Faghihi, Dr. Donald Aguilar, David Chatman, Nicholas Gautier, Jeffrey Gholson, Justin Gholson, Melvin Lipka, and Robert Dill from Cameron University. This project was designed in the Unity 3D game engine. With that, this allowed us to take advantage of modern gaming features as well as basic database features for storing student information and progress notes.


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