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Open Arms Behavioral Health Clinic Database


This is a database created for a clinic, the Open Arms Behavioral Health clinic. This database was part of a group project in Cameron University within the Computer Science department [Spring 2017]. This database was created by a small developer team: Babin Budhachhetri, Nicholas Gautier, Nises Karki, and Rong Chen. This database was developed using System Architect CASE tool and Microsoft Access for the database itself. With that, this database was set out to hold data that is centers around client information and basic information regarding the case managers and counselors. With this, the client can be able to shift away from paper based information - to an electronic based data. Such information supported is: Client Intake processing, Treatment Plans, DX Codes, Progress Notes, Discharge Plan, and much more. This project was successfully turned in as complete at the Spring of 2017 and presented to the client.


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