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Quality Assurance Evaluation Database and Web Interface


This software is a Web Service that allows specific users to view, alter, and generate new evaluation forms into the program's database. But, however, not all users can be able to perform all of these specialized actions. This software supports two user groups: Standard User and Quality Assurance Lead. A Standard User group can only view evaluations that currently exists within the database. A Quality Assurance Lead group can also view existing evaluations, but this group can also be able to: delete, undelete, modify existing evaluations as well as generate new evaluations into the database. This software was designed for the Fort Sill's Fires Division as a Capstone Project in Cameron University during the Spring 2018 Semester. This project was created by a large team that was divided into sub-teams: Computer Science team, Cyber Security team, Database team, and the Tech Writer team. In making this software, we utilized tools that was not common within Cameron University's curriculum. In order to meet the client's needs, we had: to learn a new language - Visual Basic.NET, learn how to use ASP.NET and its Page Life Cycles, how to use .NET 4.0's foundation, and working with Internet Explorer 11. This project was successfully turned in as complete at the Spring of 2018 and was presented to the client on 1st of May 2018.

The position I held was the Team Lead position for the Computer Science team. With this position, I was in charge of assuring that the software was properly being developed, getting the team together and working together, organized team meetings and planned the development phases, and assuring that the software meets the client's expectations.


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